Website Designs

As a business owner, the most valuable investment you have made in your business is a well-designed website. According to the recent survey, more than 40% people won’t move further if they didn’t find the first page of the website attractive and eye-catching. Want to know how you can make your website attractive? Then have a look on to the following do’s and Don’ts of designing a perfect website that attracts customers:

  • Target Customers:

 Optimize for search engines:

If you really want to see your website on top of the search engine than it is just that it follows the recent SEO guidelines. The title page, content and the Meta description are the most important things to rank well on Google.

Don’t ignore the users:

When designing the website the most important thing you must keep in your mind is your audience. Your point of view as the entrepreneur is a lot different than the users. Visit your website with fresh eyes, explore different pages and find out whether your website has anything that attracts you at once or not.

  • Colour Scheme:

Do use color combos:

The background color as well as the content on it should complement each other. It must be eye-catching. Avoid using colors based on your own liking. You can anytime take help of an automatic color scheme generator in order to make your website appealing.

Don’t use all the colors given:

Colors play a strong psychological impact on a person. If you use all the colors given, then it might affect the audience’s opinion about your company and product. You must be well balanced in using colors for your website if you really want to make it stand out.

  • Content placement:

Do make it easily readable:

People usually attract towards the content that is not only readable but also easy to understand. You can use bullets, blocks, heading, or quotes in order to highlight the most important points.

Avoid using long paragraphs:

If your website has long paragraphs better to clean it and divide it into manageable chunks. Also, there must be a proper flow in each paragraph.

  • Fonts:

Do use the right font:

Fonts play a major role in the website. When choosing fonts keep in mind that they are not too big or nor too small. Choose the size according to the importance of the text.

Don’t clutter with too many fonts:

Use of too many fonts makes the website unprofessional and messy. The ideal number of fonts used in any website is three, if you use more than three fonts it will make your website weaken.

Once you are done with the website update. Go through each and every page and check whether it is according to your customer’s expectation or not. This you can do by keeping yourself in place of your customers. Carefully check out each and everything and make changes where necessary.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Website Design