Website Designs

And when we say it, we actually mean it!

Reflecting a completely professional yet trustable identity through website is what every other business looks out for. However, things sometimes take a wrong turn when your “About Us” page looks pathetic in terms of design.

We have been quite serious about discussing this crucial topic for a long time because your About Us page is what defines your vision and the objectives your business is working with.

So, let’s talk a brief look on how you can design an attention grabbing About Us page to establish a credible image of your company.

But, before diving in we also want to let you know that all the guidelines mentioned below are fully tested and proved to be reliable for all types of corporate and personal websites.

  • Make It a Proper Storyteller of Your Business

Oh yes, why would one trust your services until he knows everything about your company.

This is where an intellectual About Us page plays its role. But, you can take it to another level by sharing your story.

Yes, you have heard that right. If you have a great story of your business that you think should be shared with your people, do it. It not only answers all the queries a genuine prospect has, but also signifies you as a more respectable entity in front of them.

  • Accentuate Human Touch

A lot of business professionals have a common perception that an About Us page should symbolize professionalism. Well, mentality wise, it is good. But, how your audience wants to perceive information should be given the top most importance.

And, they certainly want to interact with humans, not a robot. Therefore, make sure to accentuate a pure human touch so that people can feel free to interact with you through the provided platform.

  • Show, Don’t Tell

Remember, when it comes to lead generation, it is more about your prospects than anything else. With this, it naturally means that talking about your services in a frequent manner will disrupt your potential customers and they will leave your site ultimately.

Rather, you should use testimonials and feedbacks that you have earned from your existing customers to say a lot about you with an impact.

  • Make it Visually Interesting

Once a prospect is hit by boredom while checking out your site, he will not stay for a single minute.

Sad but true. Which means, if you want to make them stick around for a longer period of time, your site should look visually interesting and captivating. For this, you can show the inner culture of your organization, the workshops and seminars your company has participated in and the happiness you guys share together.

Such an effort will turn out to be fruitful to entice your potential customers.