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We all remember the simple and effective logo by Nike, telling us to “Just Do It”. The tagline has gone a long way in increasing the brand recognition of Nike. People often underestimate the power of a strong tagline and how helpful it can be in the marketing campaign. We have put together some tips to help you make your tagline better.

1.      Keep It Simple

You have probably heard it many times for design, logo and other elements of your brand identity that simple is good. Same is true in case of your tagline. You need a tagline that is memorable. For that, it has to be simple. Complicated tagline can result in a flop.

2.      Tell Your Story

The tagline shouldn’t be generic and hollow. It should tell your story. If your tagline doesn’t speak to you on emotional level, there is something wrong with it. It should reflect your values or give an idea about your brand’s identity.

3.      A Witty Tagline Is a Winner

To make your tagline memorable, it doesn’t hurt to make it funny or witty. In fact, playing at words actually pays off. However, depending upon your brand and what you sell, it might not be the best option sometimes. Small businesses usually profit more from witty and funny taglines.

4.      Take Your Time

Just because your tagline consists of a few words, doesn’t mean it will be done in a couple of hours. You need time to think about what you want to say and how to say it effectively in a simple one liner. If it takes more time than you expected, don’t panic. It is supposed to.

5.      Honesty is the Best Policy

It sure is, when writing a tagline. Don’t make a promise you cannot deliver. If you promise that your product is inexpensive, make sure it actually is. Lying in your tagline will hurt your business more than it would help.

6.      Grab Their Attention

A tagline needs to be memorable and for that, along with many other things, it needs to be attention grabbing. It should make your customers do a double take and think about it for a while. That is were being funny or witty pays off. For example, an air conditioning company used the tagline “Your wife is hot”. It worked really well for them as it had double meaning and required the reader to think about it for a while.

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