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Since every brand has something unique to offer to its customers, it is highly important that a brand must also be different in the visual appeal. This is important because if a brand has the generic appeal it will be difficult to attract the attention of potential customers and for customers to remember the brand. Whereas, a unique visual appeal that is different from other similar products will easily attract attention and will leave a lasting impression on the customers. To create this unique visual appeal each brand must have its unique corporate identity that is clearly different from any other brand in the industry.

Corporate identity is an umbrella term for all the visual materials associated with a brand. Here are some of the most important visual materials included in a corporate identity.

Logo Design

A logo design is perhaps the most important part of a corporate identity. It is a symbol that visually differentiates a brand from its competitors. A logo can be a symbol or a text that is used to identify a brand. A logo design must be unique, but simple so it is memorable, recognizable and versatile. If a logo design is generic, it won’t be easily memorable and recognizable. A logo design must clearly communicate the values of a brand.

Colors and Typography

Designing a logo and selecting a color theme that will represent the brand across different mediums goes parallel. When selecting the color for your corporate identity, it is important to make sure that the selected color represents the value of the brand. It is suggested that you must only select 2 base colors and few shades of base colors for your logo and other corporate identity materials. It is also important for colors to be consistent through all the visual materials in your corporate identity.

Typography is another important visual element that must remain consistent throughout your corporate identity. Common practice is to select a single typeface, it could be custom typeface as well. Use different font weight, font style and font size of the same typeface as required.

Stationery Design

Stationeries include letterheads, business cards, and other office supplies. To create a consistent corporate identity all the items in stationery must have a uniform design. This means the color theme and typography that was selected must be same as you have used on your logo and other corporate identity visual materials.

Packaging Design

If you have a physical product, it is important to be consistent with your packaging design as well. Like the stationery design, your packaging must be designed in the same color theme and typography.