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Running a sports bar sounds easy but when we talk practically, it can turn out to be the toughest task. Because it makes crucial for you to understand the type of atmosphere, ambiance, location and food your audience prefers to have.

The overall quality and experience your bar offers play an integral role, as customers have lots of options these days. Somehow, if your restaurant or bar is not up to their expectations, you certainly start losing your market.

In such circumstances, Morrow’s Landing Bar and Grill is the best in the business. This sports bar is located at the most popular lake in Oklahoma, Grande Lake. And, it is surely bringing life and entertainment to the place.

To make its presence felt, the bar went through corporate identity designing, and guess what happened?

  • Logo


Since the bar is located at the lake, therefore it was extremely important to reflect this particular aspect through the logo design. Apart from that, reasonable graphic to word blending has also been done to accentuate what Morrow’s Landing Bar and Grill is all about.

In short, each component is added purposefully to make the design a perfect depiction from the branding perspective.

  • Stationery & Menu Card Designing



Similar is the case with menu card designing. It had to be designed in a different way so that a more refreshing and tantalizing feel gets portrayed. For this, a combination of theme-relevant colors and fonts have been brought to the spotlight, just to make sure that all the variations in the list have equal space to entice customers.


On the other hand, a fine touch of professionalism is reflected through stationery designs as well, which will certainly help the bar to epitomize inclusivity.

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