Completed projects

It is our firm believe that if you love your clients and incorporate all legit techniques to exceed their expectations, you get a lot of respect and appreciation.

Thankfully, we have earned this bliss. And, it is because of the reason our clients from all across the UAE have faith in our skills, experience and dedication.

Teleport Solutions is one of such clients. It is a specialized company in providing data migration services to organizations looking to seamlessly move server data with downtime and minimal impact to business continuity.

The company is not new in the market. In fact, Teleport Solutions comprises of IT professionals with a combined 60 years of experience in working on small and large migration projects for various organizations.

To be honest, it has been a privilege for us to do corporate identity designing for Teleport Solutions, and below mentioned are the steps that we have incorporated for defining an attention-grabbing identity of the company.

  • Logo


A logo is the foundation that visualizes professionalism of a company. It creates an impression and defines what the company is all about. Therefore, a subtle care is given to this phase of corporate identity designing at Fuelmybrand.

For Teleport Solutions, we worked closely with the design team to communicate ideas, so that the final result comes in the form of a striking logo design.

  • Website Designing


Having a website is so crucial for companies in this digital era. Not just a website, but a remarkable user- experience, because if your website doesn’t seem user-friendly to your prospects, they would look for other options eventually.

So, keeping such an aspect in mind, we have designed a simple navigational website that sheds light to all the core services of Teleport Solutions and makes the whole web experience actionable for proper conversions.

  • Stationery and Social Media Banners


When it comes to corporate identity designing, we often neglect the significance of little yet impactful components such as stationery designs. However, at Fuelmybrand, we have a slightly unique methodology that bases around customers. So, we make sure that all gaps are rightly fulfilled to define an enthralling identity of a company.


For Teleport Solutions, we worked deliberately to create stationery designs, whereas we also came up with social media banners so that the company can easily communicate with its audience on social channels.