Completed projects

Project management plays a key role in every industry. Whether your business is under the category of fashion apparel, FMCG products, or even medical science, project management is the term that is always significant in terms of the job role and responsibilities.

If we talk about medical science particularly, project management has got its importance. And, Sheldon Clinical Trails Consulting understands it very well. Therefore, the consulting company has developed Trial Quality Management. It is a product that delivers Trails project management in the newly mandated risk-based environment by using specifically trained Quality Assurance Specialists as the foundation of all management and leadership functions in the clinical operations team efforts.

Sheldon Clinical Trails is also aware of the impact a perfect corporate identity design can execute. This is where Fuelmybrand did exactly what the company desired its product to resonate.

Let’s check out the details!

  • Logos


If a logo is not able to communicate with the prospects, it gets overlooked. We made sure that it doesn’t happen with Triad Quality Management. To do this, the design team worked deliberately by keeping the objective of the product in mind. Also, we wanted to give the entire logo a sophisticated look so that it works perfectly to meet all the branding needs.

  • Web Designing


After coming up with the logo, the team of enthusiastic web designers did rest of the part by creating a user-friendly website that demonstrates everything about Triad Quality Management with clarity. From website’s interface to its navigation, every step has been taken to assure centricity in terms of the prospects.

  • Social Media Banners


Having a strong social media existence is something extremely important for branding these days. It is because people have started using social sites excessively to find the best solution to their problems. And, standing out with an appealing social media presence makes a difference. Therefore, blissful social media banners have been designed for all the social handles of Triad Quality Management, that will help the product establish a connection with the prospects.

Wrapping It Up:

If you expect your product to shine by its glorious identity, then we are here to make your dreams come true. So, get in touch with us, discuss your ideas, and we will make sure to be a bridge in achieving all the success you have planned for your product.