Completed projects

Salons and beauty centers have tough competition all across the world. With the advent of technology, the methodology of giving beauty treatments has gone through a drastic improvement, which led beauticians and experts to come up with sophisticated techniques for better results.

This competition encourages salons, even if they are not created on a large scale, to come out and display what they have got for catering the needs of their audiences. Flawless Beauty considers it as an opportunity. And, this is why it has been able to inspire hundreds of women by enhancing their natural beauty.

Not only this, Flawless Beauty understands the significance of the digital age and how it is eradicating the gap between a brand and its respective audience. Therefore, we have been contacted to do an immaculate corporate identity designing.

So, here is a glimpse of what we have done to live up to the expectations.


A logo design, of course, is the first step of an impactful corporate identity designing that leads the entire process. Here, at Fuelmybrand, we give this aspect the value it deserves to make a difference.

Similarly, after having a thorough conversation with the officials of Flawless Beauty, we designed a logo that can connect the brand with its prospects in a blissful way. While designing their logo, we aimed to give it a unique touch that amplifies the concept of beauty with a contemporary style.


A website, on the other hand, is a crucial element that portrays a comprehensive picture of what the brand is all about and what it is up to. And, since Flawless Beauty targets mostly African American women, so we kept it easy and clearly visible for the audience to get the clue and find themselves connected.


Apart from the two big aspects of a corporate identity design, we worked deliberately to create flawless stationery designs for the salon so that a fine touch of professionalism with inclusivity gets visualized to grab attention.