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The four P’s of marketing namely product, price, place, and promotion are crucial to the success of any business. This is because it determines how efficiently a product will be delivered from the manufacturer to the end-customer.

Talking specifically about promotion, a product will not reach targeted consumers till the consumers are aware of its availability. Hence, brand managers allocate significant budget on the marketing and promotion of their products.

Keeping in mind the fact that substitutes are available for almost every good and service, it is important to differentiate your product/service from others using a brand name. But, how do consumers recognize a brand?

A survey revealed that consumers often forget brand names but usually remember the logos. This explains the importance of logo designing in the business world.

The trends in logo designing change over time and a majority of organizations are keeping up with them to survive and grow in the competitive markets. There are, however, some mistakes observed in logo designs because of which brands suffer. So, they must be avoided at all costs.

Following are the top three ones:

  • Not Taking Targeted Audience Into Consideration

Logo designers often use the finest of designs, color themes, and fonts that make a logo attractive in general but is not the ideal choice for targeted consumers.

Let’s take an example of a manufacturer dealing with a product useful for children between ages 8 and 12. If you design a simple, formal logo, it will not attract the respective audience, even if it seems classy to many adults.

  • Ignoring minor details provided by clients

Secondly, clients provide designers with a set of instructions that must be incorporated in the logo design. Clients provide these instructions beforehand so that the designers can work on the logo accordingly.

If you, intentionally or unintentionally, ignore even one minor detail provided by the client, you may have to work on the design all over again. This is simply because clients are very particular about their instructions!

  • You do not change your logo every now and then

Finally, designers often design logos based on the current market scenarios and brand progress instead of taking a forward-looking approach. What currently is the situation will change with time so you must analyze past performance, predict future standing of the organization and then come up with a logo design accordingly.

Wrapping Up:

These tips can help you have a smooth logo designing experience. And, your mistakes in the designing process will be minimized leading to happier clients and more projects!