Illustration Design

Illustrative Logo design is a service which we also provide along with conventional logo design services, however with illustrative logo and character design much more work is involved. The first and major part of the design process is getting information about the character and the environment and setting which is required for the design such as background and additional supporting details. After this pencil sketches are performed and upon their approval the final vector design can be completed.

However its important to know whether your project falls under the illustration work or the normal logo design work which is frequently inquired by our customers. So to make the process easy we have drawn some comparison with two different logos to highlight which type of work falls under which category. This will make it easy for you to decide which sort of design services you are looking for.

We have advertised our normal logo design rates on our website, however pricing for illustration, character or caricature is quoted based upon the requirement and normally starts from $250+ based upon the project and its scope.

Illustration Design vs Logo Design

Illustration Design vs Logo Design


As you can see from the above draft the limitations for a logo and where the design job falls under illustration category.