Creative Design Ideas

Whenever we see any good quality character, it exemplifies a strong message that grabs our attention and takes us to an interesting journey.

If you are a character designer yourself or trying to be one, then you should definitely be aware of that one major aspect which stands out a completely audience focused character from others. And that particular element is PERSONALITY.

Think of any famous character you know like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or any other. They all compliment specific themes while making sure that they also have a unique personality which connects them with the respective audiences convincingly.

The catch is, you can do that as well. And to make it happen, we have shared an influential design guide for you so that you can add personality to any character you design.

Let’s start our journey!

  • Stop Using Colors Excessively

If you have been implementing too many colors previously, then we suggest you to stop making this mistake from now onwards.

Interestingly, colors are a great way to accentuate the core essence, but using them excessively can confuse the viewers. Practically speaking, when too many colors are implied to a character, identifying the point of focus gets difficult for viewers. Therefore, the best practice is to use a maximum of 2-3 base colors in order to keep the concept simple yet clean.

  • What Your Character Design is Aimed At

Specifically, when you are working with clients, this crucial aspect should never be ignored. It certainly means that you should have a clear knowledge and understanding of the target audience. For instance, if you are designing for kids, then it is better to incorporate work methodology accordingly.

Whoever you are working for, your character, once it gets done, should communicate to its intended people impressively.

  • Stand It Out with a Unique Shape

Since we are talking about adding personality, therefore it is merely impossible to accomplish the goal without making the character stand out. For this, giving it a unique subtle shape will do the magic.

Let’s get straight to the point!

Instead of using a lineup of characters with the same conventional body type, think of a dynamic shape that can enhance your character’s visual appearance and make it recognized at a glance.

  • Keep things Simple

Simpler is better.

Same strategy works out when you are heading towards a successful character design.

Apart from making it unique and incredibly high in quality, make sure to represent all the key elements in a simplistic manner as this way your character will have more power and space to communicate well with the people.