Design Articles

Design is more than just a piece of aesthetics. It is more of a medium of communication. For companies, web design serves the purpose of communicating the values they provide to customers. This is necessary to build trust in your customers.

Building trust in customers when you are meeting them physically is easier because you can talk to them to take them in your confidence. However, doing this online is not that easy. This is because you can only communicate with your prospects through your website. Sure there is social media and other contact mediums to communicate with them, but not all of your prospects will do that.

Your website is your first interaction with them. By trusting in your company just by browsing your website, your prospects are taking a leap of faith. This is why building trust through your web design is not that easy. However, it is not impossible either. Here are some ways you can build design your website to build trust.

Borrowing Trust from Others

If your company is not that well-known, but you have clients, customers or peers that are trusted in their industry, then you borrow that trust. You can display their logos on your website as social proof to build trust in your brand through these trusted brands. This method has proved to improve conversions significantly.

Customer to Customer

The best customers are those that help you bring in more customers. Word of mouth is a channel that has one of the highest conversion rates. Share the good things your customers have to say about your brand with your prospects by displaying their response to your web design. These delighted customers will help you convert more of your website’s visitors into customers.

Transparency Through Design

Prospects who are interested in doing business with you would want to know more about the people behind the brand. This is more like talking to a company’s representative to get know more about the company and its people. This build trusts of customers in people that are behind the brand. This is why it is better to use real images of your people and office on your website, instead of using stock images.

Judging Book By Its Cover

Appearance matters when you decide to trust someone. If a person looks shady, you will definitely hesitate in trusting them. Same goes for a brand. Since your website is your first point of interaction with your customer, the look and feel of your website need to be top-notch. If you don’t care about your own brand’s image, how could you care about your customers?