Completed projects

Finding a reliable and quality rental service is not an easy job, especially in this evolving market where every one is trying to go out of the box for strengthening its position.

However, Cryptic House has stepped into the market with a unique approach and objective. It’s an Orono based company initiated to transform the town with a unique vision.

The vision is pretty clear and effective, which is to create fabulous offices and apartments that are comfy and spectacular. And to establish the online presence, Cryptic House got connected with us.

Like other projects, we are honored to share the working methodology which we have implemented to enthrall our client with satisfying outcomes.

  • Logo Comes First


As we have discussed in our previous posts that whenever it comes to branding we start things off by designing a logo. Therefore, similar strategy is incorporated for Cryptic House as well.

After carefully understanding the requirement, preference and core values, we crafted a logo that can represent a professional and impactful identity of Cryptic House.

  • The Website Development Phase


Without creating a tantalizing website, things would have been quite impossible. So, right after designing a logo, we moved all our attention towards website development.

For such a phase, we made sure to develop a website that is user-friendly and offers enormous opportunities for a company to portray its services in the best way possible.

  • Stationery Design


Here comes the phase which often gets ignored, but holds a superb power from branding perspective. It’s just because of the reason we count stationery design as an integral part of our branding best practices. And, that’s what we have done for Cryptic House as well.