Completed projects

In such an unpredictable and economically turmoiled situation everyone desperately looks for a sufficient health security programme. But unfortunately, medical and health insurance is not something provided equally, especially to people who need it the most.

Similar is the case with office employees who work days and nights for the prosperity and success of their bosses. And in response, they are not provided with health benefits at all, which makes such a group of people a little bit of insecure and disheartened.

This is where Med-Enroll acts like a breath of fresh air.

A company that’s core mission is to help businesses help their employees and it’s done by educating and enrolling employees in various non-employer sponsored healthcare options. And to strengthen the corporate identity both digitally and conventionally, Med-Enroll collaborated with us.

So, below mentioned is the quick review about the process we adopted to satisfy our client.



  • A Logo: This is What We Have Started With



We at Fuelmybrand believe that everything starts with an enchanting logo. Therefore, we did the same for Med-Enroll as well.

After researching and carefully understanding the ultimate objective and target audience, we crafted a logo for Med-Enroll to depict a feel of ‘help’ and ‘consultancy’. It’s been done to visualize the company as a trustable and credible option for health insurance programmes.

  • Complete Web Solution for An Amazing Digital Presence



After that, we moved on to the web designing phase because Med-Enroll’s plan was to activate its digital existence in a compelling manner. For this, we designed the layout of the website by keeping in view the requirements and it worked brilliantly for the company.

From website navigation to its user-friendliness, every step has been taken for the visitors to ensure a dynamic experience.

  • Then Stationery for Impactful Branding



Branding is the most crucial element that presents a company to its intended people fascinatingly. And, just to make sure Med-Enroll is not lacking any branding part we worked deliberately to craft compelling stationery, so that the overall professional side of the company is signified.

Concluding Thoughts:

All a company needs is the right approach to connect with its audience, rest happens quite easily.

Like Med-Enroll you can also establish a strong brand of your company, and for this we are always ready to serve you.