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Well, every one of us judges a book by its cover. No matter how amazing and interesting the content of your book is it can never be able to grab the attention without having a compelling front cover.

We have been receiving a lot of emails regarding this topic which led us to discuss it in detail here. See, it’s not necessary that if you are an excellent writer, you can be a great designer too. Sometimes, the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) approach works, but in such situation where a single book cover defines the reader’s interest, you can’t take risks.

Therefore, below mentioned are a couple of pinpoints that you can keep in mind while working out with your designer for a killer book cover design.

  • Be Clear About What Message You Want to Convey

You know what you are about to cover in your book, but the one you are hiring for design work certainly doesn’t. This is where you have to be intellectual enough to convey the details and what you are expecting him to do.

Tell him your purpose of writing this book, the audience you are targeting and the medium you are going to use for its promotion as this is the kind of information which will be helpful for the hired designer to come up with some ideas.

  • Imply Symbols

Symbols are always a great way to signify the in-depth message with a fine touch of creativity. It lessens the need of using text and guides a reader towards making his final decision.

Now, here you have to think like a reader and assess what sort of visuals will impact his perception and make him want to go for your book.

  • Less is Always More

Yes, you have heard that right.

Filling up your design with unnecessary elements will distract your audience and give your book cover design an overall pathetic and ambitious look. So, it is because of the reason we would recommend you to incorporate the minimalistic approach as this way your design and text both will work parallel to strike a reader.

  • Be Simple With Typefaces

When it comes to designing, typefaces work as a brilliant aspect of making people fall in love with what they are reading. However, you don’t really need to go overboard for this. Instead, stay within your boundaries and pick a combination of fonts that resonates with your design theme and expresses the true essence of your book cover title.