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Alright! So, you want to make an impactful first impression during your job interview.

Well, before even getting a call for an interview, you can’t be sure about whether your resume is going to be shortlisted or not.  This is where a fine representation of your skills, academics and personal information plays a huge role. And, an appropriate use of fonts does the magic here.

Yes, a sensible use of fonts not only enhances your text’s readability, but also makes it a fine depiction of what you are trying to convey to the reader.

Therefore, below mentioned are some of the best fonts that you can use on your resume for a remarkable first impression.

  • Calibri

Call it professional, modern, sophisticated and tasteful. Calibri has all the right reasons to be called a perfect font for resumes. The clarity of Calibri font makes it easily readable and a go-to option for this particular purpose.

  • Garamond

Although the font feels a little bit old-fashioned, but its readability aspect makes it one of a kind. Garamond is an absolute exemplification of elegance that has the charisma to make your words captivating and reader-centric.

  • Helvetica

A lot of designers and typographers praise this font because of its diversity. From famous corporate logos to a resume, Helvetica’s contemporary look gives it a fine professional touch.

  • Gill Sans

The simplicity and a sweet touch of sophistication makes Gill Sans a fine combination of modernity and class. This is what makes Gill Sans superior from many other fonts and a subtle choice for enhancing the legibility of text.

The Best Fonts to Use on Your Resume for a Remarkable First Impression