Logo Design Styles

A logo design is an identity of your brand, and an identity needs to be unique. If your brand identity is not unique, it will not be recognizable and memorable. When designing a logo, you must ensure that your design has some graphical elements that make it stand out from the rest of the logo designs out there.

A generic logo design is one that uses some overused or cliched graphic elements. These elements could be color, symbol, typeface or any other element. Obviously, when a design element is used over and over again in logo designs, it no longer remains original. Such logo designs are difficult to get trademarked because of this reason.

As a brand, it is important to stand out from your competition. Unless a brand has some unique value proposition to offer, it would difficult to challenge your competitors. If a brand has some unique proposition, a generic logo design will only make it difficult to get recognized by customers. A generic logo design also gives an impression to stakeholders that the company doesn’t have original ideas and creativity. For all these reasons, it is important to avoid design a generic logo.

Taking Inspiration

Taking inspiration for your logo design is good, but doing it by taking only one or two logo designs in consideration is not a good idea. When taking inspiration, review as many logo designs as you can in your industry to get some idea of the concepts. Never take colors or other design elements as inspiration. This will only lead you in designing a similar logo for your brand. Only take away what you can from the concepts behind these logos.

Use of Symbols

Using some kind of a shape or symbol is common in logo designs. It has become so common that same symbols or shapes are being used in many logo designs. Even some of the big names in the industry are using generic shapes in a logo design, which make their logo-less original and hard to remember.

If you really need to use some symbol or shape in your logo design, then find some genius way to portray and fit it in the design. However, it is better to avoid generic shapes and symbols altogether. Instead, design a symbol on your own that reflects your brand.


If you take a look at popular logo designs, you will notice that almost none of them are using any generic type of shape or symbol. They have designed their own symbols that reflect their brand.