Logo Design Styles

Abstract art was a way forward for the designers to represent more for less, think of Nike swoosh, how it helps recognize a brand is a good example to take or the way you can instantly recognize the emblems for Toyota and Mercedes shows another dimension where the brand of a company is simply highlighted through the monogram. If this is not all take Starbucks for instance and how it can easily resonate coffee through their logo.

In fact abstract art is a pretty modern affair where the designers felt the need to go back to less perfect and less resonating viewpoints to make a point. Its human psyche to notice things which are not perfect, so this phenomenon do work with abstract logo designs as well.

Another important aspect of abstract logos is that they tend to be easy to remember considering their different and unique design approach while at the same time providing a visual clue which over time becomes imprinted and reinforced in customers mind. Below is a collage of some logo designs which we have recently completed to provide a more defining and illustrating insight into this.

Abstract Logo Design