Start-up Tips

Brands are competing on social media almost every day to prove themselves. Everyone wants their business to have increased revenue and better engagement. While content is king, one thing is clear that video marketing is essential for every company. Imagine the benefit of images to your marketing; now double that for videos! Creating videos with a fun concept can give your business a boost in sales and revenues. Learn more about why video marketing is important for your business.

Details matter!

Viewers on social media are not satisfied easily. If you own a product, then uploading photos won’t be enough. You would need to showcase your product by making a video in which someone is using it or consuming it. For example, if you are the owner of a brand of chocolate, then putting a video of someone eating the chocolate would engage much more conversion. The more details you highlight, the more chances you would have of getting more engagement on your posts.

A personal connection

Consumers need to trust the brand before spending their money on it. Video can add a personality to the brand, as you can film a video of your team or just add some clips of product manufacturing. Some viewers may even relate to your journey, or start taking more interest in your company and its product/services after watching the video.

SEO friendly

Most of us are on the quest to see our brand on the first page of searches on Google. SEO is a method through which websites and content are optimized to rank higher on a search engine. Google loves videos, and marketers who use video to promote their products saw their brand on the first page of Google in a few weeks. So if you are opting for SEO friendly ways, then adding a video to your website or even on YouTube can be great for your business.

Preferred by mobile users

Everyone is ‘on the go’ these days, and smartphones have become really common. So your videos can have a larger audience because most people use their phone to see videos these days. And if your content is any good, they will share it with their friends and family.

Lazy users take action

Nobody has time to read long and boring product descriptions. Even while scrolling through a website; it is rare that anyone would read the text. In this case, videos work wonders for lazy users as they can get everything explained to them in a video.

You can start creating videos from your phone, as the concept will matter more than the quality. You don’t have to invest much to get started, just a few ideas and motivation to create something special for your customers.