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Have you ever thought to yourself how you can get into the habit of drawing? Most beginner artists face the dilemma of not being able to draw professionally. However, they sometimes forget that in order to reach the height, you have to start from the bottom. Doodling is, therefore, a great way to make use of your free time and your artistic skills. You may find some people scribbling on their notebooks during a lecture or a meeting, or just while sitting alone. Doodling can sometimes create masterpieces. Here are four ways why it’s a great technique to improve your drawing skills.

It unleashes your creativity

If you are having trouble with drawing professionally, experts say to start with doodling as an activity. Don’t think of it as something you are told to do, but rather as an instinctive act. Grab a notebook, a pen and just start with the process! You can start with the basics. Draw lines, dot, circles and triangles, and other shapes. Moving on from there, you can create your own shapes from it. You can keep drawing those shapes repetitively to keep your brain at work. It would not matter how good you are at it, just constantly telling your brain to work is enough.

Helps you organize your thoughts

Sometimes we need to collect our thoughts. Author of the book The Doodle Revolution suggests special techniques for drawing spontaneously. The first technique discussed in her book is Atomisation. Just like an atom which is made up of a million parts, you break your idea into different parts. For example, if you are drawing a large object or figure, you can draw its different parts and imagine it as a whole. Then there’s game storming where you can take two disparate ideas and join them. Draw the first one and another part and see what sense you can make out of it. This helps you become organized and train your mind to think out of the box.

It helps with negative feelings

We all have gone to our lowest days; the days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed or talking to someone. You can use doodling to change your mood and pour out your negative feelings. Whether you are frustrated, anxious or depressed you can convey your feelings through your drawing.

Helps with your other drawings

If you are working with a major drawing or sketching project, you can get help from doodling. When you get tired of drawing professionally, take the escape of doing a freehand drawing. Just like freehand writing opens up your brain to write better and faster, doodling can bring out that lost artist in you. So don’t waste time and start to put your skills into use.