Illustration Design

There are certain designs where photography or other elements look dull. Sometimes, you need a break from using the type of graphics. An illustration can do well in certain places. While both photography and illustration hold its own importance, there are certain pros and cons to both, and the costs and effort required to create it differently. Here are four reasons you should choose illustration over photography in your next design.

Express abstract ideas

Sometimes there are complex topics that can only be explained through an illustration. These include abstract themes or topics where specific visuals are not clear. This is where an illustrative design can come in handy. For example, if you are interviewing a person for their market strategy, you can include the interviewee’s picture. However, if you are writing on the market strategy itself, an illustrative treatment would seem suitable to describe it. Also, in ad campaigns, when you trying to convey abstract values such as innovation, honesty, or fun, the illustration would save the day.

There are no bounds

When we talk of illustration; no limits exist. You can portray a complex set of ideas on a single frame. While the same can be done through photography, it would take a fortune to find the right location and get the right prop to click a single image. It would also cost an arm and leg to execute the idea. The beauty of illustration is that it knows no bounds, and literally, anything can be shown. Whether it is something from the future, surreal or fantasy-based, it can be depicted through illustration. Picking the right type of illustration is also important, and it needs to start in the right direction to achieve the idea.

Tell a story

More brands are opting towards storytelling as it engages the user’s attention and gets across the brand’s image. It is important in branding and advertising. You can take people on a visual journey through illustration, where you can walk them through a brand’s story by using scenes or characters. You can also create a narrative by focusing on brand touchpoints. Characters can depict the brand’s attitudes and should be easy to relate.

A distinctive style is required

While you can influence the set to portray a certain type of world or scene; ultimately, the camera never lies. An art directed photography can be a hit, but an illustrated branding image can be distinctive. It can transform a look and feel, whether it is used for graphics for an event or a simple poster. Illustration is a totally bespoke way through which you can convey any type of visual to your audience.