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Designers are creative individuals. It’s not because they always have to think outside the box for satisfying clients. In fact, it’s because they can’t live an ordinary life. Yes, it’s as simple as that…

In order to keep themselves energized and backed up with incredible ideas, a designer adopts several techniques and we hope that you do the same as well.

However, what if you’re going on a road trip or shopping around in market and suddenly come up with fantastic ideas. What would you do then?

Of course you need a reliable resource to incorporate such an idea without caring about anything else. And, it’s just because of this reason we’ve have listed down a couple of essential apps for you.

If spending a couple of bugs is not a big issue for you to enhance creativity, then iDesign is just the right app for you. It’s more like a mini illustrator that allows you to create tremendous designs no matter where you are.

Furthermore, you can also create high quality 2D illustrations and a variety of technical designs through iDesign which makes it absolutely unique and useful.

myPANTONE is a fantastic app that let you choose colors from PANTONE color libraries, making itself a one stop-solution for designers to pick colors from.

With this app, creating color palettes will no more be a problem for you.

Sounds cool, right?

Content and design has a strong relationship that assures a perfect user experience. If any of these elements are not incorporated appropriately, your work will never satisfy its audience. Therefore, Typecast is a brilliant remedy for such a severe issue.

It’s a type first design tool that allows users to analyze a massive number of web fonts on screen and design the content accordingly. Typecast is an efficient tool that saves your time and effort because once you’re done testing out the font type you’re allowed to download the CSS.

When designing, colors play an integral role and it’s not wrong to call it the most powerful weapon for a designer. Therefore, it has to be given the topmost priority.

With ColorSchemer, selecting colors will no more be a daunting task. Unlike typical color-oriented apps, you can get access to over 1 million color palettes created and shared by its users. Now, that’s a big deal for you as a designer.