social media trends to redefine your marketing strategy
Start-up Tips

Gone are the days when companies only had search engines to market their brands and connect with the intended audiences. And due to massive competition, establishing a prominent position on the internet wasn’t an easy task for start-ups.

However, the story has been changed quite dramatically through social media. According to an infographic created by Pixel Road Designs, Facebook has 1.15 Billion users. It clearly means that marketers have splendid opportunities to stay ahead of the competition through social channels.

To really make it happen, we have narrowed down a couple of striking social media trends that will certainly help you redefine your marketing strategy.

  • The Dominance of Live Video Streaming

A prospect will always be in a hurry. Instead of long details, he will prefer quenching his thirst through short and to-the-point chunks of content. And, this is where live video streaming can turn out to be a phenomenal platform for you.

There are various video streaming platforms available, but Periscope is what you actually need for your brand. It’s an amazing resource that will showcase a more human picture of your brand and help you engage the audience in a better way.

  • Convert More Social Leads Through Buy Buttons

Buy button is an interesting and results-driven addition to social channels. It not only makes the conversion process efficient, but also helps a prospect in his buying journey. Therefore, we would encourage you to take this feature on a very serious note.

However, the only button is not an ultimate solution for successful conversion. You’ve got to redirect your potential leads to the relevant landing page, so that you get more chances for maximum sales.

  • Marketing Automation

It’s an era of marketing automation….

Spending hours to send emails, post social content and update blogs is an old school method. Today, with the availability of several software and marketing tools, things will definitely turn your way.

But, whatever the tool you select to enhance your marketing effort, make sure to do your complete research on it first. As there are hundreds of options available, so it merely doesn’t mean that any tool can be trusted to expect improved results.

  • The 80/20 Rule

Social media is not all about promoting brand without listening to the audience. In fact, if you are expecting social channels to deliver best of the best, then engage your audience by educating them about your brand without emphasizing extensively towards promotion.

Activities like quizzes, polls and contests will compel your people to stay connected with you. And, then you will have a perfect chance to say all about your brand quite conveniently.