Start-up Tips

To create a brand, designing a beautiful and unique logo is not enough. You need to go beyond that. To create a brand that your audience will recognize instantly, you need to first create the brand’s awareness and then work on building its equity. If you have a brand that is widely recognized, you can turn your customers into loyal customers, who will then become your brand’s advocate. However, creating such a brand is not that easy and quick. It will take a lot of your marketing efforts, resources and time to make your brand into something that is recognized around the globe. This is where brand marketing comes in.

Brand marketing refers to creating a unique image of your brand in your consumer’s mind. You do this by communicating the brand’s value to your consumers in a way that is unique and memorable. Here are some creative ideas to market your brand.

Join a Cause

Standing for a cause, giving charity or running a fundraising event is a great way of marketing your brand, while also giving back to the society. The purpose of such activities is mainly to communicate with your consumers that your brand also provides value to society. Social causes like these create a positive image of a brand not only on existing customer’s mind but also those who are using your competitors’ products.

Join a Conference

Conferences and expos are where you will find your customers and your brand needs to be where your customers are. Speaking at a conference or sponsoring one is how you can create your brand’s awareness among the attendees. However, you must make sure that the conference or expo is related to your industry and will be attended by your target audience. Some conferences and expos are not open to the public. Joining such events is not a good idea if you are in a B2C industry.

Hijack Trends

Thanks to social media, you can immediately join a trend easily. You can join these trends to mingle with your consumers, while also raising awareness of your brand. You will instantly get millions of eyeballs to your brand depending on the popularity of that trend.

Branded Gifts

If you are going to join any event, another great way of branding is by giving away branded gifts, like t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc. These gifts may even include a sample of your product for your potential customers to try. The best thing about giving away branded gifts is, for example, people will wear t-shirts with your brand imprinted on it. They will be unintentionally marketing your brand.