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Who among us doesn’t love bold typography and bright colors, especially when it comes to web design? Almost everyone of us has seen a lot of flux in web design in the past few years in which flat design is gaining popularity day by day. Today, more than 80% of the website owners and web designers are adopting this theme. This is because according to them the flat design emphasizes usability and open space, provide a pleasing effect on your web page.

If you are unfamiliar with flat design than this article is just for you. Here in this article, we shed light on some important things a designer must know about flat design.

Lack of Depth:

There was a time when drop shadows, bevels, and strokes were in. In the past, Web design was all about imitating real looking objects. Designers used bright colors and textures in order to create more depth in their design.

But, now with the introduction of flat design, the designers are aiming to summarize a plain visual effect. Since after the introduction of flat design it now begins making headway in many computers and phone apps as most users now enjoy this amazing new trend.


Today, more than 70% of websites using flat designs for a simple yet sophisticated look. Unlike the usual skeuomorphic layout, which usually uses computer graphics, 3D effects, and eye-catching gaudy add-ons, flat design uses bright color palettes and simple lines to make the look of the inspiring UI design.

In the end, an intelligent flat designer will create depth, movement, and visuals in their design with the help of basic line structures and vivid colors.

Simple Elements:

The flat design usually focuses on simple elements like buttons and icons. Moreover, in flat design, designers can create depth and movement with simple shapes such as circles, triangles, oval and rectangle while being flat in nature.

Due to its simple design, users can easily use it with a simple tap and clicks. Moreover, by applying the smallest shape, it is easy to pair them with other elements.


Just like other web designs, flat design is relatively new as well as the most trending web design whose aim is not only to impress the visitors with bold typography and fancy colors instead get people to impress with navigating the web page and encourage them to make purchases.

If you are thinking to add a flat design on your website, then it is necessary to incorporate all the aforementioned features. By doing this, you will be able to utilize the concept of the flat design correctly, as it will also help improve user experience and make your website more successful.