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In my last post i wrote about how effectively you can conceptualize and setup your start-up company. This time my focus will be on the marketing side of the things as it constitutes the bare-bones in order to get your business setup, moving and rocking. So to start with, first we should segment some of the core marketing strategies which mostly work for all sort of businesses.

loud speaker– Online marketing

Statistics say that 80% of the people search on internet before making any purchase decision which means that a powerful online marketing campaign can attract the right audience when a prospect start a search for their desired product or services. There are numerous ways of promotion too like making a website or showing your ads to websites which closely knit with your business. Similarly search engine optimization which is commonly known as SEO and Google adwords marketing are also some of the powerful tools to attract and lure more visitors and potential customers to your website or campaign.

– Social media marketing

Some folks update their status on social websites even before they brush their teeth in the morning, this opens the Pandora box for a strong social media marketing campaign by leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where you can add attractive, social and useful information to share with other like minded people. Also encouraging them to join your company or group pages can help you make a loyal fan base.

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– Linked in

Linked-in is more like business networking which also serve as your curriculum vitae to those looking for like minded business people. It can also help you establish a business presence which is continuously updated with your business expertise, focus and expansion. The new company linked-in pages can also help you setup company pages with customized logo and header to build brand awareness and highlight your product, services or even conduct recruitment campaigns.

– Word of mouth / Social get-together

Nothing works better then ‘word of mouth’. Its in our nature that we are more inclined towards a product or service which is directly recommended to us by a close friend, family member or even from someone in a social gathering. Also making contacts and pitching the right words can turn a small conversation into a conversion.

buzz meter– Get a logo

Logo Design is the face of your company, so its important to make it right the first time. This small investment pays off in the long run and your identity is there to remain associated with your company in the years to come. You can also use it for online and offline marketing and to build brand awareness. Using the logo in all of your official correspondence and email signature adds an irreplaceable trust value.

– Promotional printing

No, one can deny the usefulness of promotional gifts. Promotional items are not just limited to exhibitions or trade-shows and if utilized properly it can work a great deal as customers tends to expect freebies and giveaways specially when they’ve worked with you or ordered from you before. So small gifts like fridge magnets, pens and recycled bags can convey the right message without spending a fortune.

marketing logo– Client follow-ups / After sales relationships

Following up with clients on their user experience and product/service quality is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight to your business. You can easily do so by making a follow-up call along with a a thank you card posted to them. It also gives customers a comfort level and they are more inclined to refer you to their friends and associates just because of a follow-up interaction.

– PR campaigns

There are many ways to spread the word. An online blog can help you achieve this goal which you can easily setup free of cost. This way you can keep your customers and potential clients updated about the latest happenings and also add valuable content and information related to your business. You can also hire the services of PR firms when launching any special product or services. However its important that the content is something which is of value to end users and this is the key for your PR article to be picked up by major blogs and newspapers.

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– Monetizing Coupons

Coupons or discount tags are a great way to lure those who are in the middle of making a decision and need that final push. Watch out for special events and holidays when customer are eager to shop and watchful of those special deals. Sending coupons to existing clients and offering discounts to them for their next order is another great way of passing the benefits to customers and saving your marketing dollar.

– Sponsoring a local event or charity

If you are targeting local communities like a county or or small city then helping a local charity or funding or sponsoring an event can easily turn the tables on your side. Similarly adding a sponsored banner in an event which match your business profile or sponsoring the local rugby or baseball team can also help.