Design Articles

The creative field of designing is being pursued by a number of people, which increases the competition. Exceptional skills and talent aren’t sufficient if you want to top your game. Successful graphic designers need access to new market trends and should have the right tools available to them. Here are some of the apps which you can download on your phone to multitask and become a professional.

Note: Some of these apps have nothing to do with designing in particular, but are great to manage everyday tasks.


Need a photo editing app which is similar to Photoshop? Here’s Pixlr, which is a convenient online photo editor with hundreds of effects, borders, and overlays to choose from. It’s for those times when you don’t have access to your laptop and have to edit a picture on your phone. It has a modern design and you can easily use it to remove blemishes, whiten, or fix spots.

My Price           

Do you face those situations where you don’t know what to charge a client? Quoting a price can be difficult, as it’s tricky to not lose the client and at the same time, getting paid for your potential. My Price helps you calculate the right price according to your expertise and the nature of the work you have to provide. It also considers the number of hours which will be spent on the task, to give out the final quote. It’s a great app for both the buyer and seller.

Palettes Pro

Imagine saving your personalized color palettes in a single app! Yes, the dream of every designer has come true as Palette Pro offers advanced features which let you pick colors from any website or picture and add them to your custom palette. It’s great for creating color schemes, which can be used for many different tasks in the future. Now finding matching colors is on your fingertips as you can use this app anywhere.

Autodesk SketchBook

Any graphic designer or illustrator would agree that ideas are worth a million. A great idea or a fresh new concept can arrive at any time of the day. It is essential to keep your sketchbook handy, but wait, not the physical one! The Autodesk SketchBook lets you draw with ease on your iPad or iPhone. With features such as digital pencils, markers, overlays, blend modes, and airbrushes, it is a must have app for every designer. It’s a handy digital sketchbook which can be used even while traveling.

I hope you must have installed the above apps by now, or at least checked them out for sure! Moreover, passion and persistence are also necessary for any aspiring artist.