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Designing T-shirts is a lot different than designing banners, brochures or other types of designs. In other cases, you have to take care of a lot of things, like the typography and its legibility, UX, and image choice. However, there is no such things to worry about in T-shirts designing. It comes with a different set of elements that you need to take care.

When it comes to T-shirts designing, you only have to focus on the creative part. Just unleash your creativity without worrying about technicalities. This is where you can show your true skills as an artist. That being said, there are still few things that you need to think about, but these things are least likely to hinder your creativity. Here are some tips that you can follow to design T-shirts that will sell.

Target Market and Season

First of all, you need to think about who is going to wear the T-shirts you are designing. Is it for teenagers, toddlers, young adult, adult or old people? Is it for male, female or unisex? You also need to think about the season you are designing for. Is it for winter or summer? Designs vary with these factors. For example, toddler t-shirts might have some cartoon or car related design on them. Summer t-shirts have light colors on them as compared to winter t-shirts that have usually dark colors. Also, winter t-shirts are worn inside mostly with a hoodie on top, so there might be limited space to show the design.


Pick a pencil and paper and start sketching ideas with your target market in mind. Don’t think about colors, just think about the artwork. You can research on the Internet for design inspiration.

Be Funky

T-shirts don’t have to formal. They are worn casually, which means you can be funny with your design. You can include some short joke or maybe a funny character image. However, these types of T-shirts are mostly worn by teenagers or young adult. So keep that in mind.


You can also include text only in your design. There are T-shirts that are sold solely because they have something catchy written on them in either serif, sans-serif, script or even unique fonts. There is also no need to worry about the legibility of text.

Using Pop Culture

Since Pop culture is popular and well-known, including pop culture references in your design will instantly make it a hit among people of every age. If you are designing for teens you can include currently trending pop culture references. If you are designing for an adult, you can include 80s pop culture design.

Tips to Design T-Shirts that Sell