Design Articles

Design is a creative process that significantly changes with time. Some trends and movements are so big that they are hard to ignore. You don’t always have to adopt them, but taking inspiration can improve your work. It is a time of evolution and as a brand, that would only take you upwards. Major political, social and environmental factors affect designers which bring about a change in their art.

In the year, we have seen designers taking a fresh take towards color, art direction, typography and also how they express their ideas. While aesthetics are important, ideology and methodology also play a big part. Check out these big shifts in brand behavior.

Personality change

Whether it is adopting bold colors in your logo, creating a powerful illustration to get your message across or using a handcrafted approach; brands bring change to refresh the personality they portray to consumers. You need to stand out in the market and make your mark. For that, your design should be in a million and should stay in a viewer’s mind for long.

A distinctive style of illustration or sketch can portray the tone of your business. You can use a range of animations to evoke the right emotions. Create your own genre, and if you can’t, then pick the one you feel confident towards.

Pick a stance

There are many issues in the world which need to be talked about. What better way than to show them in your design? Nothing speaks louder than a creatively made art piece that creates a change in the world. If you are picking a side towards politics, then use symbolism and a catchy phrase to convince your consumer on your viewpoint.

Nike’s campaign talked about diversity and bravery. These types of designs will bring out the best reaction from your audience. If you want to take a risk, then you can also create a campaign to support your side over sensitive issues such as abortion rights or even LGBTQ+ rights.

Keep experience a priority

Using a product is not just about utility and satisfying need, but about the overall experience. Nowadays, brands incorporate storytelling in the design strategy to connect to the audience. Tell consumers that you care for them and how they can get a worthy experience of buying your product or service. Take them through steps and procedures of using your service and how to get the most out of it.

We hope implementing these can bring about the best in your design strategy to wow your customers.