Logo Design Styles

A company without an attention-grabbing logo gets no authority in the world to connect with the intended audience. The logo has to be unique, striking, and most importantly, it has to showcase professionalism with clarity.

However, as the logo design trends are evolving drastically, it is important for you to keep yourself updated so that you have a clear idea about the trends that are working and how you can incorporate them to enhance your brand’s visual identity.

This is what will be the center of discussion here.

We are going to shed light on logo design trends that are shaping up 2017 and will likely to stay in the coming years as well. Let’s dive in…

Use of excessive clutter in design distorts the identity. And, this is what smart designers now understand. They are not highlighting too much graphical work thru a logo. Instead, a fine minimal approach is doing the job.

You should also do the same. If you see a lot of extra graphical effects in your company’s logo design, eradicate them, and give a subtle makeover to your design by applying a fine minimalistic touch.

  • Simplification via Typography

Again, things are more favorable towards simplification of the design. And, this is where typography is yet another trend that comes to the spotlight. It not only gives appropriate space to the name to get visible, but also makes the design memorable and sophisticated for making an impact.

  • Hand-Drawn Logos Adding Personality

Hand-drawn logos are what we are seeing this year quite a lot and they genuinely look good with a fine artistic touch. This is the type that adds personality and accentuates a fresh and playful feel. We truly believe that if this trend stays for a long, many brands will try to make the most out of it.

  • Negative Space still in the Race

This is the trend which is still working amazingly for majority of brands because the “less is more” approach has maximum chances of winning. As this logo design trend allows blank space to get prominent, it makes proper room for the visuals to shine in an effective way. Check out the Logo Design of Glow Graphics which prominently uses this feature

So yes, if you think that negative space is the trend you should apply to your company’s logo, go for it. You will have win-win chances to achieve your goals.