We all need an extra filter to post our pictures on social media. Instagram is a world of curated and aesthetically pleasing photos blessing your screens. So don’t be basic and use these tips from designers for the perfect graphics. You can even start your career in blogging once you get a hold of the right techniques to use in pictures.

Design cover of story highlights

When you are posting pictures categorically on Instagram stories, you need to design the cover of the highlight. Use symbols or patterns to give the feel of the theme. For example, if your highlight is on vacations, you can add beaches in the cover. It will attract your audience to engage with your story.

Add overlay text

Simple pictures of scenery or park can be used by adding text to it. You can choose fancy fonts to write a quote a catchy phrase on the photo to enhance its appeal. Placement of the text is also important as it could determine how much focus is on the visual. If you want the full attention of the audience on your photo, then you can decrease the text size. You can also label things in your picture.

Resizing is the key

Almost all the pictures clicked from phones are not going to look good on the feed. You would need to adjust its ratio and size to fit it. Use apps such as instasize to match the quality of Instagram photos. You can change the dimensions of the picture and rotate it, flip it and adjust it accordingly to your liking.

Add double filters

Instagram is famous for its in-built professional photo filters. However, most people don’t make the most of it. You can make your pictures look even more amazing with a double filter. Just select a filter on your photo and save it. Now edit the saved picture again and this way you can add another layer of filter on it.

Create a collage on stories

Stories on Instagram provide a huge range of features to display their style. You can add multiple pictures together and sort their order. Now arrange them in a way that they look the best together. You can also emojis, GiFs and symbols to make your creation even more classy.

Effects tell stories

Sometimes the look of a picture can speak a thousand stories. Therefore the effects used on a picture can determine the theme you are going for, or the mood it describes. For example,  sepia is used to portray nostalgia and old memories. Bright colors indicate happiness. Gloomy lighting represents loneliness.

Use these tips to your advantage to create a beautifully curated feed for your followers.