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Every brand has its unique identity, which sets it apart from others in the market. The creative team of every company should invest a lot of time to design the logo and choose the right colors according to the nature of the business. What would happen if you choose a hot pink logo for a men’s salon? It would not appeal to the target audience. Therefore, here are the guidelines which would help you to pick out the right color/ color palette for the branding of your company.

Choosing the right colors

Colors matter for a brand because the audience forms a perception when it sees a particular color.  Each color has its unique quality, which makes the audience feel a certain way when they see it.


The color is famous for brands which relate to intelligence, authority, peace, integrity, and loyalty. Companies which provide a particular service, rather than a product, should use blue in their logo. Also, it is preferable for B2B companies. Most common examples of business are Paypal, Samsung, Barclays, etc.


It is a common fact that the color green denotes for nature, relaxation, youth, optimism, and growth. You must have observed that most recycling companies use the color green in their logo. Also, if you are selling something fresh, such as fruit juices, then green is the color for all things organic. Famous brand with green colored logos includes 7up, TicTac, Carlsberg, etc.


The color red denotes to passion, desire, fire, love, action, and power. If you want to create a brand which has a lasting impact on its consumer, then you should opt for the color. Some of the most popular and loved brands use red in their company’s logo, including Coca Cola, YouTube, Redbull, McDonald’s, etc. Also, the majority of the dating apps use red color on their website and apps, eg. Tinder.


If you are dealing with a high-end product, consider using purple in your designs. The color represents royalty, spirituality, mystery, and ambition. Some of the finest brands in the industry have a purple logo. When people see these brands, they feel their superiority. Examples include Cadbury, Yahoo, and Hallmark.


Yellow is commonly known as the color of happiness. It also denotes warmth, energy, and warning. Most businesses which cater to the older generation tend to use it. NGOs which focus on spreading happiness and warmth also use it. Additionally, the color yellow can promote the feeling of hunger in a person. Therefore, McDonald’s uses Yellow as its primary color (along with red).

Each color has its importance, and you should study it in detail before using it in your company’s branding. Remember that the customers’ perception of your brand will largely be decided based on the color you use.