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When it comes to a book cover, it becomes crucial for you to come up with a design that stands out your book from others in all good ways. Same goes out to an eBook cover design as well. However, there are a lot of other technical aspects that you need to take into consideration while working on an eBook cover.

Like you, there will be thousand others launching their eBooks based on a similar kind of topic, which certainly puts you under some real pressure. But, this is where your eBook cover design will play a massive role by grabbing attention of your intended readers.

And, to make it happen, there are definite ways that we have decided to bring to the spotlight in this blog. So, let’s not wait further and dive in to see how you can give your eBook cover design an exceptional look.

  • Inspiration is What You Need First

A good design is the result of lots of inspiration combined with a creative approach. Therefore, you should look out for maximum inspiration to design something extremely outstanding.

Well, this could be done by looking at other book covers similar to your genre and what key elements they are accentuating to strike the audience. Be choosy and blend those ideas with your own imagination.

  • Distinguish the Title by Keeping It Prominent

Your title should do the magic. For this, you need to make sure that you are keeping it prominent by using the right fonts and colors that make the text clearly visible and readable to everyone.

  • A Subtle Touch of Branding

If you own a business and the eBook you are publishing is just another way of educating your prospects, then make sure to reflect a deliberate touch of your company’s theme. As this will work as a smart branding technique to outline uniformity in your company’s design approach.

  • Use of Appropriate Yet Appealing Images

If you have planned to add an image within the design, it has to have proper relevancy with what you are discussing inside your book. Remember, a book is judged by its cover. You really have to keep this significant aspect in mind because no matter how amazing the content you have produced, if the cover doesn’t demonstrate its essence, readers won’t bother to make a purchase.

Tips to Make an Exceptional eBook Cover Design