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A brand that has a consistent voice to communicate with the audience gets all the possible opportunities to make its presence felt.

Social media is a gigantic platform to grab attention of your prospects, keep them engaged and convert them into leads by creating relevant and thought-provoking posts. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. And, the reason is pretty obvious. You are not the only one doing this!

Brands, similar to your niche, might already be incorporating a defined social media strategy to connect with the respective audiences. So, in such a tough competition, you need to stand out, and this could only be done by implementing proven design principles to create social media posts.

A smart design strategy is all you need to rock your brand’s existence on social media because this is what entices people and encourages them to stay connected.

Let’s dive in to see what you can do about it.

  • Select and Stick to Your Brand Colors

Colors are undoubtedly an incredible tool that adds breathe to any design. But, only using them intelligently can make things happen for you. With this, I certainly mean that instead of picking up random colors for your posts, make a smart selection of colors that matches your brand’s theme and signifies your message without distractions.

  • Be Consistent with the Fonts

Just like a subtle theme of colors, you also need to have a fine selection of fonts to enhance your brand’s personality. It is important because too many different fonts won’t help you get your message across.

A group of just two to three fonts is enough. However, you have got to do your research well, so that you have a better idea about which fonts should be used when.

  • Pick Photo Filters Wisely

Oh yes, picking up the right filters for each of your posts is something you should never take for granted. Social platforms, like Instagram, provides you a lot of filters to enhance the look and feel of your post. And if used adequately, these filters can help you reinforce your brand’s culture and personality.

  • Don’t Forget to Place Your Logo

You need to make sure that everything you do caters to your audiences’ needs and reflects a professional identity of your brand at the same time.

Therefore, keeping all essential design components in mind, you should also incorporate your brand’s logo in your posts to visualize a solid touch of professionalism.

4 Design Principles to Create Social Media Posts for Your Brand