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First of all, billboard ad is still and will always be an effective source of accomplishing branding goals. In this digital landscape where we have numerous online platforms to spread a word about your brand, billboard ads have their own significance. But, not all ads are good enough to grab attention, right?

You can ask it to yourself though!

Do you remember all billboard ads you come across in a day? No, the one that clicks your mind right away through its message, alluring design and a reader centric call-to- action makes you go crazy.

This is the same feel you need to incorporate to your brand’s billboard ad as well to drive results. And we know how to make it happen. Therefore, we have pointed out some incredible billboard design tips that we use to implement while working on our clients’ branding campaigns.

Let’s dive in…

  • Tell Your Story Straightaway

Now you might be thinking of how a story could be interpreted through a single ad. Well, there are ways that you can adopt to make your billboard ad standout. And to find a story, you should ask yourself that what you actually want your audience to grab from the ad.

Do you want them to remember your website? Or do you want them to keep you on top of the list while buying pret wear for women? Identify your goals and create a story around it.

  • Simplicity Wins


It’s good to be different, but you don’t need to make your design over crowded for this particular reason.

See, people on road have very fewer time to check any billboard ad thoroughly, and even if they do, they become quite choosy. Keeping such an aspect in mind, you have to keep your ad simple so that anyone who sees it grasps what you are trying to convey.

  • One Message At a Time


It’s a fact that people who are driving by at 60-70 mph don’t have enough time to notice your ad. But somehow if they do, they should have a reason to stick around. Technically, this can only happen if you cater them with one message at a time. To double the impact, you can also add a little bit of humor, but only if it suits the theme.

Doing such experiments will compel people and force them to take possible actions.

  • Keep the Location in Mind


Where you ad will be displayed is another extremely essential aspect that you should never underestimate.

Keeping that specific point in mind, you need to come up with a design that works out well at all locations you are targeting. As only this way, your billboard ad will leave a reason for your audience to stay connected with your brand.