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Your wedding day is a special day to celebrate the love you have for your partner. Therefore, everything about it should be precious. A custom made wedding invitation can highlight your love story. We’ll be showing you a step by step guide on how to design wedding invitations. Save money and hang on to the memorable design forever. It is not that hard to create one from scratch, here’s how you can make one.

Pick a size and printer

Picking a shape is the first and foremost important step in designing an invitation card. Decide on shape, size, and place to print the cards. This will give you a headstart to start preparations and also to design accordingly. You will have the right specifications known to start working. A good option here is to go for the standard size. If you are sending cards by posts, then size would require extra postage. Look out for a place that can accommodate your printing requires, as not all shops can deal with some techniques. Get a print template next.

Visual theme designing

Think of the style you want to choose for your invitations. Spend some time looking for options and you can pick one which you and your partner like. If you have decided on a color theme for your wedding, you can also use the same color scheme in the design. Select on typography and other style flourishes. Once you choose a visual style, you have a fair idea of how your wedding invitation card would look like.

Collect images or create illustrations

You can put pictures on the invitations or just use illustrations. It totally depends on your choice. Whatever goes with your theme. Some people want to stay traditional, some keep in modern and others want something out-of-the-box. Also, you need high-quality photos as most printers require images to be at 300 dpi or more for printing.


Fonts play a big part in changing the tone of your design. Most people use scripts for a traditional design. However, you have a thousand more options to choose from. Think about the words going on the card and see how they will look in the font. It is a safe option to test typefaces with important information such as names of bride and groom, date, time, venue and secondary text such as “you are invited” or “join us”.

Print away

Now that your design is ready, you can start to test print. Always take out a few samples first as there is no room for mistakes. Double check on everything before printing it out. Now invite your friends and family in style!